Mount Qinkai Speed Clear Basics

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Mount Qinkai Speed Clear Basics

Post  Assassins on Fri Dec 25, 2009 7:29 pm

Welcome to my page of MQsc (Mount Qinkai Speed Clear) this will talk about what the jobs are inside MQsc and what you need to do for them giving everyone a fair chance at farming luxon faction and gainning the pleasure of having that max luxon title Razz

The MQSC (Mount Qinkai Speed Clear) build uses a team of a smiter, tank, and SB monk in combination with a runner in order to farm Luxon faction at Mount Qinkai in Hard Mode from Aspenwood Gate. With an average team, faction rewards can come anywhere from 10k-11k a run and runs take 6-9 minutes. Groups are normally formed in the European German districts.

3 teams, 1 runner

Starts from Aspenwood Gate:

Team 1: The Yeti-Team

Mo/Rt; Owgj8wQTIT1DaRWMEPxk7iyD6DA (600 rit tank)
[Mo/W; OwET44HDnIf4Lk0LAp8kMEA] (smiter)


600 takes rad field and pain inverter over vanguard assassin and balth spirit
smiter takes balth spirit instead of life attune then

Follow white path and kill everything on the way, general 600 /VWK tactics, use Eotn skills to wipe out bosses or speed stuff up

Team 2: Midway

[Mo/D; Owok4kPMUuOT9QLeX9ZqXAAARfA] (600-tank)
optional is smite hex or pain inverter
[Mo/N; OwQUQEH/YoE5DfhkedKlnkhA] (smiter)
[Mo/R; OwITAZbizBjfdgORE5BNBgoPAA ] (support with spirits and spell breaker)

Alternative 600: takes IAU and balanced stance instead of fleeting stability and the optional

Follow red path, use fleeting stab against KD's from island guardians, Spell breaker before every mob, as well as EoE and frozen soil vs island guardians as well.

Team 3: Beach

[Mo/Me; OwUTMsHDXqeQL6uKiICgmEgQfAA] (600)
[Mo/R; OwIU44HDFrE5DfhkeVPlnkhA] (smiter, use primal echoes against W bosses)

follow yellow path, use SB before every mob


[A/E; OwZTgWP95R6zj0ZNwQ3E0lh7AA]

follows beach team and doesnt interfere, then when they run northward to complete their loop the runner runs through the gap between the 2 oni spawns, and lures the naga onto the outcast warrior boss, then dies, the groups should kill each other, and all will be well

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