Solo Monk Charr Hunt

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Solo Monk Charr Hunt

Post  Assassins on Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:06 pm

Here is a build for a monk to solo hunt the charr in Pre-searing for more exp and of course more drops =]

Skill Bar Setup:
Symbol Of Wrath (SoW)
Fire Storm (FS)
Glyph Of Lesser Energy (G)
Orison (O)
Bane Signet (SMITE)
Banish (SMITE)
Healing Breeze (HB)
Shielding Hands (SH)

Attributes Depending on Level of Character.
These are the attributes assigned to my level 15 monk.

Attribute Line
Attribute Level
Skill Power
+29hp per monk spell

+5hp regen on HB

+33hp on O

-8 damage reduction on SH

38 damage Bane Signet

34 damage Banish

18 damage SoW

Skills below are from elementalist training quest

Glyph of Lesser Energy
reduces energy cost of 2 spells

5+ damage depending on Charr armor level

Weapon Selections for Solo Charr Hunting

Weapon Set 1 - Main
Wolfs Favor(offhand) GoTY

Energy +12 (Requires 9 Divine Favor)

HCT Healing Prayer Spells (20% chance)

HCT Protection Prayer Spells (20% chance)

Smiting Rod

Holy Damage 9-16 (Requires 6 Smiting Prayers)

HCT Spells (9% chance)

Energy +4 (while enchanted)

Weapon Set 2
Longbow - used only for pulling.

Weapon Set 4
This is your emergency energy set to switch to if you run out of energy

This set makes use of the pre max +energy -energy regen mods for wands and offhands. Example below.

Wolfs Favor - listed above

Smiting Rod

Holy damage 9-14 (Requires 5 Smiting Prayers)

Energy +13

Energy Regeneration -1

HCT Smiting Prayers Spells (18% chance)

(Complete Guide Will Be Completed Later)
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