Any/Rit Feather Farm

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Any/Rit Feather Farm

Post  Assassins on Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:34 am

The Build which im showing here is a universal farming build any profession can use but for a example of it im showing the Feather Farm

The Build Is a Spirit Spam build

The Build is best used by 4 professions but it does work on others since ive tried it with my assassin

the best professions which primary attribute works for the build are Rit,R,N and Ele

Here is the skill list and attributes

8 Communing
10 Channeling
10 Restoration

Spirit Leech Aura
Signet of Spirits
Armor of Unfeeling

If your 1 of the 4 professions put the spare attributes into your primary profession with runes and all that

if your not just put the spare attributes into communing

+20 energy staff.
Defensive caster weapon and shield sets.
Flatbow/Longbow for pulling.


Whatever you find useful depending on the primary and secondary profession used.

Spirit Siphon
Anguish (if taking Painful Bond)
Painful Bond
Flesh of my Flesh (for general PvE usage)

Farmable Areas:
Normal Mode

Defend Droknars Forge
Lornars pass
Twin Serpent Lakes
Fog Nightmares outside of TOA
Mineral Springs
Breakers Hollow
Raisu Palace
Rhea's Crater
Marga Coast
Nahpui Quarter

Hard Mode

Minister Cho's Estate
Piken Square
Mantids/Kappas in Sunqua Vale
Mantids/Kappas in Kinya Province
Norn Fighting Tournament
North Kryta Province
Scoundrel's Rise
UWSC Vale Support

List Of Videos To Help:
RRt UW Clear The Chamber NM
RRt UW Smite Run NM
RRT UW Twin Serpent Mountains NM
RRt UW Chaos Planes NM
RRT UW Spawning Pools NM
RRt UW Forgotten Vale NM
RRt FoW Forest of The wailing Lord NM
RRt Defend North Kryta Titan Farm HM
RRt Scoundrels Rise Vanquish HM
RRt Factions Boss Farming HM

Two Videos Of Feather Farm In Action:

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